What people are saying about us.

From our Fraction Workshop”Implementing the Common Core Fractions Standards: Making it Do-able and Doing it Right!”

“I will come anytime, anywhere! I learned so much from you all, I would stop time if necessary.”


“WOW! It was definitely worth my time- I learned a lot and it was relevant to what I was seeing as a need in classroom visits. Now I can provide assistance to my teacher’s instruction and lesson plans to make it powerful for the students.”


“Very well worth attending!! I’ve learned a lot about how to approach teaching math. Very teacher friendly.”


“It is the best workshop I’ve attended so far because it has valuable insights as well as great presenters who help you understand the information. The best part is the group work because we learn more hands on work.”


“Highly recommend this workshop. Be ready for an eye-opener! Invigorating and refreshing!!”


“No matter what grade level you teach, or if you are a coach, learning strategies for teaching children will help impact their understanding and math confidence. This workshop simplified the Arizona Common Core fraction standards and helped me learn how to teach 3-5th grade and up.”


From our presentation to the principals of Paradise Valley Schools.

“I appreciate what I have learned today. I believe in the strategies you have shared and I am excited to put them into action.”


“I appreciate the clear, quick, concise, practical ideas. It was a worthwhile 6 hours to focus upon tangible ideas, strategies I can begin tomorrow.”


“I have taken multiple hours in learning CCSS without any “model” of what I can do to help my teachers.  This is the 1st training that I feel has actually equipped me to go back and support/help my staff!  Thank you!”